These are very strange times for everyone. Unusual for a wedding photographer and difficult for couples. Weddings as we've known them are currently postponed. Yet, I wanted to explain why wedding photography is so important.

Why wedding photography is so important

Why wedding photography is so important

Right now, weddings as we know it are on hold in the U.K. Recently the 30 guest reception limit was also stopped. Small and intimate ceremonies can still go ahead, but there is not always room for a photographer. We can still be there to capture real moments and document this amazing day for couples.

The magic of marrying your best friend is still very much alive. Being able to have that day on record is arguably more important than ever.

Connection shoots: A little bit of normality during uncertain times

Why wedding photography is so important

Connection shoots are commonly known as engagement shoots or pre-wedding shoots. They are designed to help engaged couples get used to the camera. They have always been a big part of how I tell the story of my couples and their wedding.

The brilliant thing about them is that they are often outdoors and it's very easy to social distance. They are safe and, for me at least, a little bit of normality during these uncertain times.

Having your photograph taken by wedding photographer isn't an everyday occurrence. When it's time for couples to have photographs of themselves, it can be really daunting. This is completely normal but it helps to be prepared.

This is where my connection shoots come in. I've designed them to be fun, relaxed and all about you as a couple. The recent connection shoots I've done have been so much fun. They've reminded me why I love my job so much!

"We had the best time! We spent the whole time laughing and just being us. For two people who hate having their photo taken and hate any photos of themselves we ADORE these."

Hannah and Damien

What about weddings?

Why wedding photography is so important

Weddings have had to change and adapt to keep people as safe as possible. But the magic is still very much there and it's why wedding photography is so important.

Saying 'I do' to your best friend is no small thing. It's amazing and even if you can't do it in front of all your family and friends, for those that want to, it can still happen.

I have two weddings coming up over the next month, this feels odd to even write down. I'm normally knee-deep in weddings at this point of the year. Most of them have understandably been postponed. My last big wedding was way back in February (which is bonkers!)

However, I recently photographed a small wedding and I was so surprised at how 'normal' it felt. Sure the registrar had a safety visor on, but it didn't detract from it at all. All the reasons I love my job were still present and I came away nearly as elated as the couple themselves!

I do miss the hustle and bustle of a large day and I long for 'normality' to return. Until it does, being able to capture these moments is an absolute honour.

I'd love to hear why wedding photography is so important to you

Do you have any other reasons why wedding photography is so important to you? I'd love to hear them and your stories.

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