Sarah & Chris

Tankersley Manor

Sarah & Chris got married at Hillsborough Methodist Church and had their reception at Tankersley Manor in Barnsley.

It was a fantastic wedding to be a part of, full of life and love. Sarah & Chris hired the amazingly talanted Jonathan Paul magician. Adding that wow factor to an already great day.

I have no idea how he does it; A guest had hold of the deck of cards one second and then with the next shot I took the cards were gone and the lady was holding a clear block of plastic! I didn't see it happen. I didn't even't catch it happen on camera! Truly amazing.

Jonathan then asked 6 people to write down any random number between 1 and 60 stating that the chance of him knowing these numbers (and guessing them beforehand) were over 43 million to 1. After they had all wrote down a number, Jonathan pulled out his wallet and produced a lottery ticket he bought earlier that day. The Lottery numbers were the exact same numbers each guest had written! This is pure magic at its very best.

Thanks for a Wonderful day guys, I absolutely loved it!