Creative wedding photographer Nottingham.

So this is me; Proud father to a wonderful boy. Husband to my best friend. A full time Nottingham wedding photographer. Booth operator. Lover of old doors, brick walls and your best goofy smile! I love getting lost in new places. A huge foodie and big fan of all kinds of music. However, I’ll just as happily choose cheese on toast and Bryan Adams!

I love photographs of genuine, natural moments. Moments between you, your family & your friends. Not too staged, not too posed, just real!

creative wedding photographer nottingham

And I can’t resist a slide!

In the creative heart of Nottingham.

creative wedding photographer nottingham

I live and work in the heart of Nottingham, it’s amazing to be a creative wedding photographer, there is so much creative talent here.

I’m also extremely proud to be part of the Nottingham wedding photography community. Can you tell I’m pretty attached? I grew up here, went to school here and my son was born here. I also met the love of my life here.

Weddings take me all over the country and absolutely love it. One of the best things about my job is the different places I get to see :).

You may find me editing where the best coffee in town is. Or wandering around soaking up as much of the city as possible. Although I’m not very good at it, I love to dance. No pictures of me here for technical reasons…

cretive wedding photographer nottingham

A creative wedding photographer Nottingham and beyond.

cretive wedding photographer nottingham

So far, being a creative wedding photographer has taken me as north as Edinburgh and all the way to the south-west and south-east coasts of England. If you’re interested in my work, don’t let where I live stop you!

I’m also available for destination weddings too. Why not check out my wedding photography packages for up to date pricing information.

The people that make my world.

About creative wedding photographer nottingham Daniel Hughes

When I’m not out and about with my camera I’m most likely teaching my son (my limited knowledge) of the beautiful game.

It’s great to see him grow into a young man and he’s scoring lots more goals this season which I’m really proud of.

He’s still an assist king but when he does score they are pretty amazing. I hope he knows how truly proud I am of him!

So very grateful!

About creative wedding photographer nottingham Daniel Hughes

In 2019, Ruby and I got married at Bawdon Lodge Farm. She is my best friend and I could not be happier. She teases me something chronic and keeps me smiling.

It’s such an eye-opener to be on this side of things. I love my job even more now.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have noticed that Ruby sometimes second shoots for me. Because I trained Ruby myself, I’m probably biased, but she is genuinely amazing. Here’s more about having a second photographer for your wedding.

Thanks so much for checking out my website, If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’d love to hear all about your wedding day plans.

Dan x