I'm going to be frank: My skin care routine is pretty basic and when it comes to makeup I personally know very little. However, Ruby J knows her stuff which is why I asked her for her top 5 wedding makeup tips to help you plan the best wedding.

1. Good skincare routine.

A good time to assess the condition of your skin is a year before your big day. The seasons can really mess with your skin and what products work for it, so looking at your skin care in the same season you’ll be getting married makes sense!

Get into a good routine, it doesn’t need to be complicated, just one that works for you. This is going to ensure your skin is looking its best on your wedding day. Good skin = Better Makeup! 

2. Find the perfect makeup artist for you...

Wedding makeup tips

 ...and book in early!

As artists we all have slightly different styles and ways of working, the internet makes it super easy to view lots of portfolios in a short space of time, do a little research and choose someone who is right for you and your personal style. We typically get booked up 12-24 months before. So if you’ve found a makeup artist you absolutely love, book before it is too late! 

3. Trial all your bridal beauty treatments!

Wedding makeup tips

Want a spray tan and a set of permanent lashes for your big day? Be sure to trial these treatments just like you would hair and makeup to make sure you are 100% comfortable! 

4. Don’t try new treatments too close to the wedding!

Wedding makeup tips

If you are trying any new treatments, particularly more invasive ones such as Laser treatments, Botox or Microblading. Make sure you try for the first time way ahead of the wedding day! 

5. Be the best you!

Wedding makeup tips

A phrase I’ve used more times than I care to count. But it is so true! Whether being the best you means wearing a bright bold lip or a barely there natural look - do it! It is YOUR day, be whoever the heck you are at that moment in time! If you look like the best version of you, you are going to feel like it too! 

Supplier Spotlight

I've worked with Ruby J Beauty on some amazing weddings. Always friendly and professional and her work really speaks for itself. This is why I've chosen her as one of my preferred suppliers and I can't thank her enough for these top five wedding makeup tips.

For more information please visit rubyjbeauty.co.uk

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