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UK wedding photographer at Country Ways Devon

Black and white photography of Holly with her back towards the camera and her head turned to look over her shoulder. Her butterfly tattoos are the main focus

UK Wedding Photographer

Country Ways, Devon is a great place for an intimate wedding. With stunning cottages for a large party, a beautifully lit ceremony room and a stunning tipi for the wedding breakfast. It's a fantastic place for an amazing wedding and I couldn't recommend it enough.

Weddings take me all over the country, and for this one I took my good friend Chris Hendley to help shoot the day. We took a long drive down to Devon the night before and had the best weekend. Holly & James' were gracious hosts and put on a stunning wedding overlooking the Devonshire countryside.

UK wedding photographer takes a snap of a bride in her dressing gown waving and smiling in the doorway of her cottage

What made you choose Country Ways Devon as a venue?

"Ever since the first year we were together we've holidayed in Devon. It's our absolute favourite place. When we're there we shut out the rest of the world and we're never happier than when we're there."

Complete control

"The venue also let you have complete control over you day and you got the place exclusively for 3 nights so most of the guests we're staying on site with us. They leave it to you to pick the caterer, florist, DJ, EVERYTHING. It did make it incredibly stressful as we had to locate, book and co-ordinate everything ourselves from over 200miles away. But in the end we got a day that was us in every way. It also helps that the setting is absolutely beautiful and totally silent apart from the birds."

uk wedding photographer

Is there anything special about why you chose your date?

"No reason other than it being a bank holiday meaning a better chance for our guests to be able to travel down from Nottingham."

We had the whole venue for the entire weekend

"We also had the whole venue to ourselves for the entire weekend so we all got a little holiday away together which just topped off an already amazing weekend. Everyone went to the beach on the Sunday and we had a big BBQ in the evening."

Tell me a bit about the stunning outfits and details of your day.

Stunning ivory lace dress, hanging from a wooden beam doorway.

"My dad was incredibly generous giving me the money for my dress when I was struggling, but wedding dresses are so incredibly expensive it was still a struggling to find one in budget."

I almost cancelled my wedding dress appointment

"I almost cancelled my appointment at Holmes Bridal because I knew I couldn't afford a dress and alterations on top of that. They were amazingly kind and picked out a selection they knew would go into the sample sale later on in the year and let me try those. I also knew I didn't want a white dress so when they came over with this satin and lace number in mocha and ivory I just knew it was right."

Bride entering the ceremony overlooking a valley. UK wedding photographer captures her half in light and half silhouette

Is there anything that you didn't expect?

"We were absolutely dreading the ceremony. We both HATE events that revolve around ourselves and can't handle being in front of a crowd like that, but for some reason the ceremony was the favourite part for both of us. It was so so so hard not to just burst into tears throughout the whole thing."

The best feeling in the world

"When the bridesmaids had gone in and it was my turn to walk down the aisle I got so nervous knowing everyone was in there waiting and looking. I saw my brother sitting inside playing the song we'd picked and he just nodded to me that it was all ok and time to go and that made it so much easier. James and I have been together for 6 years and pretty much do everything together. We spent the night together beforehand, so had already seen each other on the day of the wedding. For some reason, seeing each other at the ceremony felt so different and we were both completely overcome by the whole thing. The best feeling in the world!!"

Black and white photograph of a couple smiling at a phone. Taken at Country Ways Devon

Thank you so much for having us, it was such a beautiful wedding!

"Thank you for coming! I know I've told you before but you honestly helped to make the day what it was, both of you. You were so relaxed and so kind you made us both feel completely at ease, you just felt like friends to us. Our guests said the same thing as well. Never once did we or any of the guests feel like you were intruding, we hardly noticed any of the photos being taken!"

Black and white photography of Holly with her back towards the camera and her head turned to look over her shoulder. Her butterfly tattoos are the main focus
James sitting down in the long grass with a beer
Holly and her two bridesmaids shocked laughing in a garden swing as james sneaks away after pushing them.
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I'd love to know about your 5 favourite images and why you love them.

UK wedding photographer

"The over the shoulder black and white photo of me, I'm so self-conscious and have almost no photos of myself from the first 3-4 years because of it, but I honestly can't find a single thing I don't like about that photo. I still can't believe it's me!"

We did this!!

"The one taken from the side, of James right before the ceremony. It just brings back that feeling which I can't describe… the apprehension and excitement and the feeling of oh my god this is actually happening, we did this!! This is us!!"

The awesome groom

"The photo where James is trying to sign the pretend register!"

"The one of James chilling in the long grass with a pint, I think it just sums up the vibe of the day."

The best bridesmaids

"The black and white photo of me and my bridesmaids on the swing. Alexis lives in the USA and Rachel lives in Devon. I don't get to see them much and they had never met each other until the day before the wedding but got on like they'd known each other years!"

"I love them both so much, they were both so happy, supportive and honest throughout the whole wedding planning process I couldn't have asked for better bridesmaids or better friends."

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