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Do you need two wedding photographers?

More of your story captured.

More of your day captured

So do you need two wedding photographers? It's a personal choice with no right or wrong answer. I personally prefer it but I've also shot many weddings alone. However, hiring two wedding photographers means more of the story captured. More angles covered & more moments remembered.

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Those key shots, naturally

Having two wedding photographers is perfect if you want to capture different angles from your day. It's the only way to naturally capture both of you during the start of the ceremony.

Collections One and Two include two photographers all day.

Sarah and Ben

"Everyone has been raving about how fantastic you were. Your 2nd was bloody brilliant too! You both went above and beyond your rolls, from fixing my dress, driving my husband to the church, putting up with our antics all day...I would recommend you to anyone"

Mona and Richard

"Dan and his team were amazing! Looking at our wedding photos makes us remember everything that happened, the emotions we felt that day. Every picture taken, we knew exactly what we are laughing about, what song we are dancing to...Having chosen Dan for our wedding is one of the best decisions we made."

wedding photography

Two Wedding Photographers

Only £350

"We just want to take the time to say 'Thank You', we can't thank you enough for being our photographer on the day. Your calmness kept us calm and your humour left us laughing."