interest free wedding photography

Interest free wedding photography

Wait, what?

No really! I offer interest free wedding photography via 0% monthly payments after the initial booking fee.

It doesn’t cost you any more and is a fantastic way to spread the cost of your wedding.

Check out a typical wedding photography timeline here to learn more about the booking process.

Once the booking fee is paid.

I’ll split the cost of you remaining fee (75% of the total) into easy monthly payments via direct debit. These will start the month after your booking fee and will continue until the month prior to your wedding.

Interest free wedding photography? Sure there’s a catch.

No catch, I promise! I take a small hit but it’s minute compared to the ease of service to you and me. I use to process the payments via debit and it couldn’t be safer.

Just check out my collections to find a package that suits you or get in touch below to find out more.