Natural flexible wedding photography.

Flexible wedding photography in uncertain times.

These are indeed uncertain times for everyone. That is why I wanted to offer a flexible wedding photography package to give you peace of mind when booking a wedding photographer.

I’ve split the package into three individual parts and made the payment options really easy and, well, flexible! There is a bonus if you choose all three parts too and answers to questions at the bottom of this page.

Part 1: Pre-wedding Connection shoot.

flexible wedding photography

1-2 hours – £195

The first part of my flexible wedding photography package is really important, especially for couples who want relaxed photographs of themselves in a setting that means something to them. It’s for couples who are nervous about having their photo taken. Check Connection shoots: More than and engagement shoot.

Part 2: The Ceremony.

flexible wedding photography

1-2 hours – £195

As of the time of this post, In England, small wedding ceremonies are still going ahead. They are limited to the amount of people allowed in including the photographer. Even if I can’t be inside photographing the ceremony, capturing you on this day is really special. This is why I’ve included it as part of my flexible wedding photography package. We’ll take some formal shots and natural photographs of the two of you.

Part 3: The Party

flexible wedding photography

Up to 6 hours – £850

For some this has been the biggest loss for them when it comes to their wedding plans and for good reason. When everything else is sorted, this could be the easiest bit for flexible wedding photography. If you pick this part of the package then I promise to be as flexible for your this date as I possibly can. It might involve this your end too but between us we can work it out.

With this being the most expensive part of my flexible wedding photography (and potentially the most uncertain too). I promise to be open and flexible if you choose not to go ahead with the grand party.

So what does this mean for you? Well ultimately if you cancel within a reasonable time (just as with weddings before the pandemic) I will honour a refund minus any work already done and the booking fee (£100).

Ideally I’d like to be able to still work and earn a living from this so ‘The Party’ part of the package will be transferable to other shoots and photography that I offer too. This means you’ll have £750 of credit for any of the services that I offer across my photography brands. This includes family shoots, commercial shoots, photography training and even the photobooth. These would make amazing presents but ultimately, the choice will be yours and there will be no time limit on this. I can’t be fairer than that!

The Complete package

Book all three parts for £1095 (normally £1340) to save £235. All you have to do to secure the dates is pay a £100 booking fee, sign a plain English contract. You then have yourself a flexible wedding photographer to cover your awesome wedding photography plans.

My promises to you.

  • To be as flexible as humanly possible with the dates.
  • A low booking fee of £100.
  • To offer each part separately.
  • To offer flexible payment options (eg. 0% monthly direct debit).
  • To be open and upfront at all times.


Q: What happens if we need to move our dates for any reason?

The best thing that you can do is keep me aware of any possible new dates as soon as you are considering them. I will pencil in any new dates until you have them confirmed and be transparent about any possible conflicts with other clients.

Q: What happens if you can’t make our new date for any reason?

I will arrange for another photographer to cover the date at no extra cost to you and still edit the images in my signature style. I do this as standard with my wedding photography packages too.

Q: We only want the ceremony covered.

That’s absolutely ok, just get in touch below then just pick ‘flexible ceremony’ on the contact form and I’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

Q: If we cancel any of the dates, do we get our money back?

As with my standard wedding photography terms, if you cancel within a reasonable time then yes. This doesn’t include the booking fee (25%) and any work already carried out that needs accounting for.

Q: You mention above that the party payment is flexible if we cancel the party. Can you explain further?

Sure! Basically if you cancel the party within the term limits but love my work so much that you want to still work with me, you can use any or all of the funds as credit towards any of the photography services I offer across my brands. You can even gift some or all of the credit!