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Connection shoots

More than just a pre-wedding photoshoot

Connection shoots are my answer to pre-wedding photoshoots (also known as engagement shoots). They are all about capturing the real you and designed to be about telling the story of you as a couple. Check out my blog post on ‘Connections shoots: Are they worth it?‘ to find out more.

Relaxed, fun and all about you!

pre-wedding photoshoot

Connection shoots are a great way to capture the genuineness of you two as a couple. It’s all about capturing who you are. They are more than just a pre-wedding photoshoot, or even an engagement shoot.

I’ve designed them to help you connect in front of a camera in a relaxed and fuss-free way.

Pre-wedding photoshoot: Perfect for you.

pre-wedding photoshoot

They are perfect on the run-up to the wedding, giving you a beautiful set of images and also a great way for me get to know you better.

They can also be great after a wedding. If you want excellent portraits, but you don’t want your day taken over by photographs, a connection shoot after your wedding is perfect. It’s also a great excuse to put on your outfit on again!

Let’s go somewhere that means something to you.

pre-wedding photoshoot

We’ll visit a relaxed and stunning environment that means something to the both of you and take some stunning photographs which are all about you as a couple. Check out my top connection shoot tips to get more of an idea of what to expect.