Choosing your wedding cake

Choosing your wedding cake supplier

Top tips to help you when choosing your wedding cake

She is a Nottingham-based Italian pastry chef with a flair for creating stunning and delicious dessert tables, wedding cakes and favours with a difference, ones that stand out from the crowd and make your mouth water. As an experienced wedding supplier she has put together her top eight things to consider when choosing a wedding cake supplier and cake

You have booked your wedding venue and ceremony; you have your dress and photographer and now looking at choosing your wedding cake. To help you with planning your best wedding, I caught up with one of my oldest industry friends and asked her for some advice on all things cake. Meet Lorena, from Pasticceria Lorena!

choosing your wedding cake

Word of mouth

Getting a recommendation from someone that you know and trust is a good place to start. If you have a friend or relative who has recently married, ask them to recommend a cake supplier or ask your venue for their recommended cake suppliers. If this does not help, attend some local wedding fairs and browse the web, but be sure to look for reviews posted about your chosen cake maker.

choosing your wedding cake

Go local

Cakes are tricky things to transport, so the further afield you go, the longer the delivery journey, this will not only be more costly but will also mean a more precarious one. Most cake makers will have a travel remit, so be sure to ask when you enquire. Supporting local also means you will be able to attend consultations or meetings easily.

choosing your wedding cake

Style and experience

Look for a cake supplier with experience and ones that can deliver something unique. Each baker will have a style or trademark. Whether it's intricate sugar flowers, an ultra-modern design, or a pâtisserie display, have an idea of what you are looking for and find a cake supplier that fits the bill. When you think you have found the one, make sure you connect, it's so important that they know about your big day and understand your vision.

choosing your wedding cake

Have a budget in mind

In just the same way you will have a budget in mind for your wedding dress, you should do the same for cake, and be realistic about what you can achieve with that budget.

choosing your wedding cake

Book early to secure your date

Couples often make the mistake of leaving the cake booking until last and are sometimes disappointed to find their chosen baker is already booked. Whilst you should leave the cake design details until you have chosen your décor, dress, stationary, colour scheme etc. once you find the right baker, secure your date with a deposit early and book in a design consultation later on in the process.

Be sure to have a tasting

It is all very well having a cake that looks like a work of art, but if it does not taste good then it defeats the object. A cake is for eating, so in my book taste comes first and foremost.

Consider the weather and location

choosing your wedding cake

Let’s talk logistics, it's no good having a chocolate cake on display all day in a marquee at the height of summer, it will only end in disaster. Consider what the weather will be like, where in your venue you are going to display your cake and when, before you decide what cake to have.

Be unique and don’t be bound by trends

Choosing your wedding cake supplier

By all means, be aware of trends but don’t be bound by them. Following a particular trend because someone in an article says it’s fashionable this year, or because a particular celebrity had it at their wedding, often leads to looking back at your photos in years to come and thinking how dated they look. Instead consider your venue and its style, think about which flavours and looks are seasonal and put your own spin on things, after all, who said you must have a traditional tiered wedding cake?

Incredible Italian Bakery

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